Massage Candles

by Je T'aime Fragrances

Massage Candles (also known as Massage Oil Candles, Body Candles, Body Massage Candles, or Lotion Candles) are recent innovations and relatively new to the marketplace. As such, many people are still unfamiliar with this exciting new product. The following paragraphs provide general information about massage candles and their usage, as well as specific information about Je T'aime Fragrances soy-based body massage candle - Massage Romantique™.

  1. What is a Massage Candle
  2. How are Massage Candles used
  3. Are Massage Candles safe
  4. Why are Massage Candles so popular
  5. What makes Massage Romantique™ special
  6. Where can I find Massage Candles

What Is A Massage Candle

Massage Candles, at first glance, look just like any other candle. But, in fact, a massage candle is not really a candle in the traditional sense of the word. Upon closer inspection you will find that a massage candle is actually massage oil in a solid form. And some massage candles, such as Je T'aime Fragrances' Massage Romantique™ are a massage oil and lotion combined. This is because the real purpose of a massage candle is to provide a simple method of heating the massage oil before applying it to the body.

Most Massage Candles are scented with either fragrance oils or essential oils and, just like a normal candle, will throw a fragrance when they are lit. However, because they are intended for use as a massage oil or body balm and used on the skin, massage candles do not contain as much scent and are not as strong as a regular candle.

How are Massage Candles used

Massage Candles are actually quite easy to use. Simply light the wick approximately 15 to 20 minutes prior to application. As it burns, the massage oil will melt and form a pool of warm massage oil on the top of the candle. Due to the inherent properties of the ingredients used, the massage oil will only reach a temperature slightly above normal body temperature.

You will certainly enjoy the fragrance of the candle while it is heating up, but once a sufficient pool of oil has formed, the real fun begins. Start by extinguishing the flame and then drizzle a small amount of oil on the area to be massaged. (Note: a small amount will go a long way.) Finally, massage the warm oil into the skin and enjoy the moisturizing effects and delicate fragrance.

Are Massage Candles safe

Massage Candles are generally quite safe. Unlike a traditional candle, soy oil/wax-based massage candles do not get too hot to apply to the skin. Furthermore, massage candles are typically made with all natural ingredients (other than a small amount of skin-safe fragrance oil used to scent some varieties).

However, as with any product you use on your skin, you should read the ingredients carefully and try it on a small area first to test for adverse reactions. The ingredients used in massage candles vary and can include various butters, oils, fragrance oils, and essential oils. Persons allergic to nuts should exercise caution because certain ingredients such as Shea butter may cause a reaction. Particular care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight immediately after using products that contain citrus oils, such as: orange, lemon, lime, bergamot, etc. The massage oil is for external use only.

When a massage candle is lit it should be treated like any other candle. Proper care should be exercised to ensure that it is on a stable, heat resistant surface and not in close proximity to flammable objects, such as paper and cloth. Do not move the candle while it is still burning and snuff it out to extinguish the flame. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always keep massage candles away from children and pets.

Why are Massage Candles so popular

Massage Candles can provide couples with an incredibly romantic and intimate experience. It offers a sensual experience, unlike any other product, that interacts with three of the five senses; sight, smell, and touch. It is a perfect way to "set the mood".

It begins with the soft, warm, mesmerizing glow of candlelight and the release of beautiful fragrances into the air. Followed soon after by the soothing warmth of the oil on the skin and loving hands to rub it in. What could be more inviting...

But, if romance is not on your mind, massage candles are also popular because they are an easy way to enjoy a spa quality experience with warmed massage oil in the comfort of your own home. And, premium quality products, like Massage Romantique™, are extremely moisturizing for the skin and leave it soft and delicately scented.

What makes Massage Romantique™ special

Je T'aime Fragrances' is a leading manufacturer of premium quality massage candles and we produce one of the finest products on the market. Massage Romantique™ is made with an exclusive blend of the finest ingredients available, including:

  • Cosmetic grade soy oil
  • Shea butter
  • Mango butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Beeswax
  • 100% pure, skin-safe fragrance oil,
    pure essential oil

Where can I find Massage Candles

Massage Romantique™ is available at various retail stores, health spas, and boutiques nationwide. And, it is available in the Massage Candles section of our online catalogue.

Last Updated: September 10, 2009
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