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We are certainly very proud of the products we make, but, no matter what we may say, what is really important is what you - our customers - think of them. The following is some of the feedback we have received. We love to hear from our customers and we encourage you to contact us and share your opinions about our products.

Wow…..I can’t say enough good things about these products…I use them in our construction office and everyone that comes in the door comments on the fragrances….everyone has their favorite too…we mix them and the Warmer combo is fabulous. The scents just last forever, and will smell up the whole office. The service is fast and the owner is fantastic…very prompt and courteous. Our orders just keep getting bigger and bigger…my daughter just moved into a Smokey apartment and these tarts and warmer will be her housewarming gift….everyone loves them…

- Jo, St. Augustine, FL

"Oh - My - Goodness!!!!! Your candles are AMAZING!!! Not only are they fragrant and yummy, the jars are beautiful and the colors - they are out of this world! My Mom, Sister and daughter came over just to smell them - as they all love soy candles too, and were blown away by them - no pun intended - ha!

I especially like the candle scents that you created - what talent you have, Denise! I'm glad I did get all of the scents even if it was in votives, we could all tell what they smell like and they are great! I will get an order together as soon as possible.

Ahhh, my office smells wonderful!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Debbie, West Bend, WI

"I placed an order for Victorian Rose & Bouquet of Love candles. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I tried so many other candles and the fragrance, either didn't smell at all or the scent disipated very quickly.

I must say Denise your candles are Fabulous. I came home & lit the Victorian Rose down stairs & Bouquet of Love upstairs in my master bedrooom. I have an open floor plan home, my whole downstairs area smelled Wonderful the fragrance was so strong that when I opened up my bedroom door to go downstairs the fragrance was all in my hallway upstairs. Needless to say I had the same experience with Bouquet of Love."

- Doral, Henryville, PA

"These scented soy candles are the BEST that I have ever burned! And the excellent customer service that I received was a bonus in my experience dealing with Je T’aime Fragrances for the first time. You will definitely be receiving many orders from me in the future. When you say richly scented, you mean it.

Thank you so very, very much!!"

- Nicole, New Orleans, LA

"I received the massage candles that I ordered from you. They are truly amazing! I could not believe that the massage oil was not too hot for the skin. The oil felt heavenly when my husband put it on my skin and the fragrance smelled delicious. My skin felt so soft after the massage. I gave my husband a massage with one and he loved it also. This was the perfect product for some relaxation. Thanks and we will be ordering more soon for ourselves and for gifts."

- Janet, Durango, CO

"I received your candles a couple weeks ago, and want to tell you how pleased I am with them. They are by far THE BEST candles around. You definitely do not have any competition out there! The jars are very elegant, and the fragrances soooooo delicious! The fragrance goes throughout the entire house. Before I got your candles, I received a [company name] candle - what a joke. You have to put your nose to the flame to smell it. Thank you again, and please keep the quality that you have. I WILL be ordering more candles in the future."

- Jeane, Whittier, NC

"I really adored the presenation of your candles. The jars are so pretty and your logo, just really perfecto. It is obvious upon opening the package that you are not just your ordinary online candle company. Not that I havent had good luck with plain ordinary candle places but heck there is no denying, your name, the fantastic scent selection, the packing, the jars, your logo....high class all the way. I love it. It shows you take great pride in what you do. You are definately one of my favorites and trust me, I will return. Your customer service is top notch also!"

- Suzie, Janesville, WI

"Wow! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your soy body massage candles. You gave this product the perfect name - Massage Romantique. My boyfriend travels a great deal with his job and I had a romantic evening planned for him upon his return from California. Needless to say, the massage candle was the best and most enjoyed item purchased for our romantic evening. Thank you, this product will now be at the top of my list for romance."

- Tamara, Scottsdale, AZ

"Denise, received the massage candles that I ordered from you a few weeks ago. I am a bachelor and have since given several women a massage with the candle. They loved the massage with the warm scented oil!!! This product is a WINNER, and as a result, SO WAS I!! LOL Thanks! I have just placed an order with you for more."

- James, New York City, NY

"I want to tell you I was most impress with my shipment. I have order candles from several companies, your fragrances are wonderful, unreal, fantastic. I just join a company call Mia Bella, I will be discontinue my acct. and stick with you. My son loves the jar and the oils are out of this world."

- Cassandra, Upper Marlboro, MD

"I absolutely love this massage candle!! I had ordered one previously from another company and it felt greasy on my skin. The massage oil from your candle goes into my skin and makes it feel very soft and moisturized. I can’t decide what fragrances I want to order next, they all sound wonderful.

I love it, love it, love it! Thank you for creating a most high quality product!!!"

- Patricia, Van Nuys, CA

"Being a New Yorker, we certainly have lots of venues of candle vendors here, but honestly, yours is nicer and I do like the soy aspect about it. Plus, you are very pleasant to work with - another plus. I wouldn't care if I had a vendor that was only 2 miles away. You are extremely nice to work with and I know quality when I see it. You are very sincere and thoughtful and just plain nice in your approach and your products are just beautiful -- really Denise."

- Margarite, Bayside, NY

"Denise, I have just ordered for the third time. I have tried different fragrances and they have all been wonderful. You have a great product - better than any I have tried before. I love the clean burning - and the containers are so pretty. Your customer service is among the greatest. Keep up the good work."

- Charlotte, Owens Cross Roads, AL

"Je T’aime Fragrances, your candles are amazing! Thank you for producing such clean burning and very fragrant soy candles. I received my order and am extremely happy with it. I can’t wait to try other scents of yours."

- Terri, Nashville, TN

"These candles are truly the best. I am suprised as to the superiority of these soy candles. I just LOVE your "Southern Charm" and "La Belle Louisane" scents! I have placed my second order of many to come for both candles as well as perfume oils. Denise, your products have made this mother of five feel like a pampered southern belle! Amazing."

- Mila, Stockton, CA

"These candles look as good as they smell. I am as impressed with the packaging as I am with the scented wax inside. I gave one as a gift so the presentation was important to me and the candle definitely had an upscale look to it. Je T’aime Fragrances gets a gold star from me. I will be placing another order soon for candles for my mother’s birthday."

- Susan, Tyler, TX

"I received my order today and I just had to let you know that your candles are wonderful. They smell wonderful and the jars are beautiful. I am so glad that I found you on the internet. I will be placing future orders with you. Also, I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service. Thanks again!!!"

- Milena, Oakville, Canada

"I just received my wholesale order and already fell in love with the candles before even lighting them! The fragrance is AMAZING. I have never been so excited about candles before and I LOVE candles. You have a customer for life! Thank you and please keep up the great work!"

- Michelle, Wilmington, DE

"This was the first time that I had tried a soy candle. I can’t tell you how much cleaner it burned over the paraffin candles that I had been burning. My husband was also impressed and we both loved the crème brulee fragrance. It smelled our whole house up with the delicious smell. I can’t wait to order more. Thank you for making such a terrific candle."

- Michelle, Albuquerque, NM

"Denise, I love the Southern Charm fragrance, thanks for recommending it! I can’t believe that you could create such a beautiful scent. That little candle smelled my whole bedroom up and it was very nice enjoying some southern charm up here in Seattle. :) Now I want to try more of your creations. What a talent you have, I know where I will be purchasing my candles from now on. J Your kindness in answering my questions was much appreciated also."

- Kathleen, Seattle, WA

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my order this morning and am burning the jar in my bedroom and the votive in my bathroom. Great so far! I have to say, I have tried pure soy candles before and was a little skeptical of whether they would scent a room. Obviously I know that it probably depends on the size of the candle. But these are excellent so far! And your packaging was great! I had ordered from someone a long time ago and they sent me the votives just in plastic in a box, not really packed in anything. They were all marked up and chipped. At that point it wouldn't have mattered if the candles were phenomenal. You really wrapped them well and your jars are adorable!!!"

- Christy, Delran, NJ

"I recently tried your citrus fantasy candle for the first time. It's amazing. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. (A really sensational product.)"

- Danny, Toronto, Canada

"Denise, I received my candles and have tried La Belle Lousiane...wonderful! Keep up the great work. I love the fact that your candles don't mushroom or deliver black soot! I plan to try your cranberry by ordering when I return to Texas"

- Beverly, Sam Rayburn, TX

"The candles are awesome! The fragrances are simply incredible! I will certainly place you at the top of my list."

- Martha, Kennesaw, GA

"The candles are wonderful, smell great, and burn longer than others I have tried. I will order from you again. Thanks,"

- Lynda, Craig, CO

"I received my order today......Oh my goodness, how wonderful....the fragrances are magnifico!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Wendy, St. Louis, MO

"I just love your candles. They are the best!!"

- Mary, Richmond, VA

I bought the Southern Charm and love the smell very strong. was a little concerned that the flower smell would be to feminine but really happy with it. will order again. Will be telling all my friends. Thanks again.

- Eric, Hartshorne, OK

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Oh - My - Goodness!!!!! Your candles
are AMAZING!!! Not only are they
fragrant and yummy, the jars are
beautiful and the colors - they are
out of this world! ...
- Debbie, West Bend, WI
These scented soy candles are the
BEST that I have ever burned! And
the excellent customer service that
I received was a bonus...
- Nicole, New Orleans, LA
This was the first time that I had
tried a soy candle. I can’t tell you
how much cleaner it burned over
the paraffin candles...
- Michelle, Albuquerque, NM
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